for our English-speaking friends along the way

My dad and I have made it all the way up from Schaffhausen in northern Switzerland to Scotland – with our old french car. The heading of our blog means „to Loch Ness with the goddess“ and refers to the french word „la déesse“ (the goddess), which is the pronunciation of „DS“, part of the description of the car’s type. Our goddess was built in 1973, we’ve owned it for a couple of years now – but we have no idea, if „she“ has ever visited Scotland with her former owner. 😉

Unfortunately our lovely goddess had some serious problems in the gear box! The risk for a total damage of the motor was too big and it wouldn’t get easier to tow the car further north for the transport back to Switzerland. On day 12 (of 32) we decided to leave her at a garage in Kyle of Lochalsh and get ahead with a rental car. After all: The goddess visited Loch Ness as it is called in our travel blog’s title! 😉 Eventhough we are not travelling with the goddess anymore, the blog is still running!

The ideas of this journey put a friend of Nina’s into her head, as she sent her the advertisement for a rallye through England and Scotland, which needs to be done with a car of more than 20 years. For this kind of a rallye you need a good mechanic in your team – like Peter. He wasn’t that exited about the idea of a fix route with dozens of participants, so he said: „das chömmer au sälber“ – „we can do that on our own“! And so the planning of our personal route began!

Peter has been retired for 5 years now and worked as a teamleader of a team of mechanics in Alusuisse, a swiss industrial group. Nina currently works as a coordinator for a project in which several historians compiles the contemporary history of one of Switzerland’s cantons. The motto is: now or never!

To make a long story short: we’ve already met lovely, helpful and talkative people and surely will meet some others on our further journey. It’s not possible to write all of the posts both in English and German, but we want to give you some impressions of our time on and off the road(s)! Fortunately pictures tell you nearly everything you need to know – or google translate will help you! 😉 we’d love to read from you (there is a virtual mailbox)!

Translation of the menu:

  • Die Geschichte dahinter – the story behind our journey
  • Nina, Peter & die DS
    • Nina, die Reiseführerin – the travel guide
    • Peter, der Autosachverstand – Peter, the expert knowledge
    • La DS die göttliche Kutsche – la DS the godly carriage
  • unser Best of – our best of (smaller collection of our personal favourite pictures)
  • unser Postfach – our mailbox (we’d love to hear from you!)
  • unsere Route im Überblick – our route at a glance